group of bikers touring in the mountains

The Beauty Of Bike Touring

It’s not as hard as you think. There are all sorts of reasons to travel by bicycle instead of by car. Saves money, the planet, and most of all, your health and fitness.

Guided bike tours can be even better than going it on your own. I’ve been on quite a few bike tours in my time. I have a keen interest in them, so I’ve done some research to give you an idea of what a tour’s like. I’ve also experienced quite a few. I’ve been on bike tours that have been so easy that I didn’t really need a tour guide, and I’ve been on others where the guide has been absolutely vital to my enjoyment of the tour.

Guides can be like that. Bike tours can be a great way to travel, but they can be a bit daunting. What’s the food like? How is the accommodation? How does the riding go? And costs? What do they charge? These are all important questions.

The good news is that bike tours can be good value for money, especially when compared with fully-inclusive holidays that include the cost of the tour. The prices of bike tours are typically better than the crazy prices of car-based holidays. It’s also great to be able to take your own bike – particularly if it’s your own carbon fiber dream machine – rather than having to hire a heavy bike and high-pressure tires and dealing with the problems of hiring bikes, such as getting a bike that’s not too big or too small. And most bike tours can accommodate your own bike, which makes it even better. Just makes sure to check Bike Binge for all the best equipment to make your tour more safe and enjoyable.

The beauty of bike tours is that they are all about the biking. When you’re driving and camping, you’re car camping.

Biking and camping is a lot more fun. You’re more connected to the world around you and to your fellow bikers, and you feel a million times better. Most bike tours are like that. They take you to some great places, and they include great food, great accommodation and a great guide.

All your meals are taken care of, your luggage is transported, and you just have to concentrate on doing the riding and enjoying the trip. The one big difference between a bike tour and an independent bike trip is that the guide is in control of the schedule. It can sometimes be frustrating if you’re having a great time and the guide decides to hold a rest day, or if you’re raring to go, but the guide would prefer to linger so you don’t get in too late, or whatever.

Training bike ride

There are a few things to think about when you’re planning a tour. The first is the weather. You might like to do some training rides in the area you’re going to be riding in, to get an idea of the terrain and the weather. You might like to plan to go a bit early in the season, so that way you can get in some good training rides before the tour. Try to pick a tour with a guide who knows the area – it will make quite a bit of difference.

Also, look for a tour that takes you to places that are worth seeing. That makes the trip just so much more interesting.

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