Like a Phoenix…

You are looking at the new incarnation of Like a phoenix, we are rising from the ashes. I am kidding of course, but we are building from the ground up.

When you find yourself with an increasingly sub-optimal website, it’s a good time to consider burning it all down and starting over. And that is what we are doing, as you can see.

What are you rebuilding, you might ask.

Great question! First, we are taking our technology stack a lot more serious. That means we are not just going with the easiest and cheapest software we can find. We select our stack very carefully to end up with a lean and incredibly fast solution.

And it’s not just about software either. Hardware and infrastructure play a big part in cloud technology too. We found it especially important to match the cloud infrastructure with the tech stack.

Testing different providers also proved to lead to substantial improvements in performance and reliability.

Well, that got a bit technical. Next time we will discuss some of the non-technical things we have been developing for

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